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Primary Activity Box Book with Audio CD
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Are you constantly looking for extra activities for your young students? Are you always short of time? Primary Activity Box will help you out. The photocopiable resource book contains a wide variety of games and activities designed to supplement your coursebook. * Each of the games and activities is designed to make learning fun * The material is very easy to use: every activity has clear step-by-step instructions explaining what you need before class, how to set the activity up in the classroom and ideas for optional follow-up tasks. * It comes with a CD containing listen-and-do activities, creative dictations as well as a range of songs, rhymes and chants. * There are extra game templates to help you adapt the activities to your individual learners * The wide range of activities means that the material is suitable for different learning and teaching styles.
    • Autor: 
    • Nixon Caroline, Tomlinson Michael
    • Format: 
    • 22.0x30.0cm
    • ISBN: 
    • 9781107618671
    • Objętość: 
    • 128
    • Oprawa: 
    • Miękka
    • Rok wydania: 
    • 2015
    • Tematyka: 
    • Nauka języków
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