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Quizzes, Questionnaires and Puzzles
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Are you a busy teacher looking for fun activities to complement your own material or a coursebook? Do you find yourself standing in for absent colleagues at short notice? Then Quizzes, Questionnaires and Puzzles is the book that will make your teaching experience less stressful and your classes more enjoyable. This carefully selected collection of photocopiables offers 60 ready-made activities that are easy-to-use and can be slotted into any lesson with minimal preparation. The activities last from 20 minutes to a full 50-minute lesson and are intended to promote intermediate level students' speaking and reading skills. The material offers quizzes, questionnaires and puzzles on a range of topics, looking at them from an original angle that students can relate to, thus promoting genuinely interesting discussion. Each activity has 1-2 photocopiable pages for the students plus teachers’ notes, including useful language, preparation instructions, and a lead-in and a follow-up task.
    • Autor: 
    • Craven Miles
    • Format: 
    • 22.0x28.0cm
    • ISBN: 
    • 9780521605823
    • Objętość: 
    • 128
    • Oprawa: 
    • Miękka
    • Rok wydania: 
    • 2014
    • Tematyka: 
    • Nauka języków
    • Wydanie: 
    • 10