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Eyes Open 3 Presentation Plus
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Developed in partnership with Discovery Education™, Eyes Open features captivating Discovery Education™ video and stimulating global topics to motivate students and spark their curiosity. Presentation Plus is a complete planning and presentation tool for teachers. It includes Interactive Whiteboard software, fully interactive Student's Book and Workbook, full video and audio content, digital Teacher's Book and Teacher's Resource Book for paper-free lesson planning, online teacher training and a link to the online learning management platform to track student's progress. This version comes as a mobile application suitable for iOS and Android. Presentation Plus is also available on DVD.
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    • 13.5x19.0cm
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    • 9781107489424
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    • 1
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    • DVD-ROM
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    • Plastikowa
    • Rok wydania: 
    • 2015
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    • Multimedia
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