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Unlock: Reading & Writing Skills 1 Student's Book + Online Workbook
Unlock: Reading & Writing Skills 1 Student's Book + Online Workbook
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Producent: cambridge university press

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The documentary-style videos from Discovery Education™ provide a powerful introduction to a range of academic subjects by activating students’ awareness of the topic and adding interest and authenticity to the lesson. Based on a principled approach to critical thinking skills, Unlock provides learners with a set of building blocks, which enables them to effectively develop these skills. The Critical Thinking sections also give students the tools they will need to formulate their own opinions and express themselves effectively in the end-of-unit academic tasks. Unique research from the Cambridge English Corpus means that Unlock can guarantee that the language presented to learners is both up-to-date and relevant. The topics and exercise types in Unlock also provide practice and key language for IELTS candidates.
AutorOstrowska Sabina
Rok wydania2014
TematykaNauka języków